*prokaryote shadows*

The Cognitive
Science Society
says that time
is a one-way
conveyor belt &
we're already
moving forward
on it. The Garment
Workers' Union
partially agree;
but they claim
refugee workers
from the future
use one-way time
machines to come
& work cheaply
in the present. A
pity it wasn't the
Sex Workers' Co-
operative making
the claim—I'm
sure that not all
fetishes have been
invented yet, & they
might have brought
some new ones
along with them.



*A line from Bram Stoker*

Michael Keaton played
a great Batman, but
made a lousy Bruce
Wayne. I've been hacking

on the code for mock
opera vocals, making do
with an onigiri rice ball
& a bottle of tea instead

of dinner, turning into
some kind of misshapen
Muppet, turning out
five albums worth of

material created during
this one night stand
in a hot furnace. Fly-
screens help me relax,

keeping out unfilled
travertine, plantation
timber, strings, & steel
pedals that have a less

generic sound. Strange
things together, that make
for great book titles but
dreadful opera themes.

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