a brain packs for a weekend conference


while listening to the news, finding it hard—

            to stuff an overnight bag with a student revolt

squeeze a one night stand in a toothpaste tube

fill a toiletry pack with political theory

program a peace for the lap-top compartment

find matching sox for a shot-gun marriage

shooting a goal between aphrodisiac and smalls

to hear gold is up, but the trend is down

pack a ‘serial thriller’ and a map of Australia

count old discount vouchers among the dead

            choose two logo T-shirts for no-name events

roll up your trousers when you’re so not Eliot

            but stacking casual shirts like a local branch meet?

easy as teaching revision for Monday’s weather



Mimic Evolution and Die


Near the congratulatory end of evolution’s play

we anticipate no new skeletons in the plot,

that nothing more advanced will shatter air space

than a curious meteor, attracted to blue

than yesterday’s rainbow chasing P.R.

or clever influenza shutting down the city.


Inspiration unfolds like evolved matter,

our plastics mimicking the best of nature—

take-away chicken, production-line apples,

but we satisfy taste in more ways than Eve.

Today she’d be talking to friends and rellos;

‘Hello, what’s this deal with forbidden.’


‘At the end of evolution,’ as someone remarked,

‘you’d think we’d keep what is good—alive.’

A loner of a history student, signing in gothic,

studies black death. Into guns and powders.

 ‘It was just a box of fleas, Sir.’

I’m praying no one puts a patent on eyes.




to diverse lovers


it’s only you

when the moon’s a dog

toy-tease in the sky

and I’m like a puppy

     forever hungry


never stop running

you throw me the bone

of your ancient ideas

     again and again

you never seem to learn


I run things my way

socialize with friends

I’m always learning—

     foil to your moods

practice my playfulness


but you never seem to notice

my photogenic progress

     say you love me

and forget my birthday

bury my suggestions


I regularly curb

my canine instincts for you

but why do you suggest

     we go out for a walk

when we could stay




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