One Hundred Twenty-First

These clouds, an inexact perfume that does not reach
The stranded place, the place where I am standing.

She visits with a sack of healthful elements
That we will add to water just beneath the boiling point.

Soft face, raw honey, the opposite of entitlement,
Affection that arrives in nature, blossoming.

Hollow afternoon, the air conditioning
A macro form of breath belongs to all of us.

Red plastic bag around the business journal
Unread from this morning, perhaps no longer true.



One Hundred Twenty-Second

Over-smoked renditions of the creosote
From scratch, lives on with moxa burning from the kitchen.

She advised in confidence that he was not
A good guest in her home, a brute, in fact.

Sit for a portrait, asked the saint of bristles,
And she did, she worked on canvas more than parchment.

We live eighty-plus years until we find
Our welcome past our parents' age of death.

Summer, season of lingering, all air
Affording someone else's past tense to read by.



One Hundred Twenty-Third

There is no one in my life named "you."
Imagined posses have been benched, I watch.

A rinse of chilly water cleanses
Even precious light I thought was pure.

Desktop has a sheen to it, unstained.
Clarity occurs as a matte-finish blue.

Windows full of effigy and flounce
Occur to me, unless I just look down.

Now is usually also then.
I sweep up any difference and breathe.



One Hundred Twenty-Fourth

She genius-ly paints shut the children who are not hers first.
How to thrive is parallel to love across the cinders.

Big fat moon low in the sky impervious to evidence
Means placed above 3711 where I look over the white mustang.

Patron saint of espionage also the patron saint of giving up
Arranges a collaboration of baton and thee in future tense.

Spritz the meal with some oregano and count your blessings
At least twice for quality control across the hot white plates.

Advice alarms leave quail un-shot through windows and laced quiet curtains
Laving space away with any pilgrims fostering cool sheets mid-wind.

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