Danse Macabre

She sewed seed beads around the frayed hem of her wedding dress. In the
shape of minnows. He watched her scallop glitter glue for the scales and add
a single sequin for the fin. She wore the dress while she sewed. Twisting in
the lacy fabric. When she finished sewing the fifth minnow above the jagged
tear in the lace, she hesitated. Frozen. Staring at the door. As the clock
chimed nine she knotted the cotton and severed the end with her teeth.
Holding out the tattered skirt in a semi-circle, sea-green minnows glinted in
the dim light. Darting around the bottom of the dress. Swimming around her
neck, green fish made from paperclips wound with lime thread and malachite
beads linked head to tail. She looped her arm through a shadow and sipped
chartreuse. Muttering something about it being their special drink and the
colour of her kamikaze dress. Lifting the layered lace. Waltzing with the
darkness. Arms outstretched as she hummed into the decaying emptiness.


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