Medway scene
Photo credit: Angela Gardner


Welcome to the ninth edition of foam:e

Nine years ago when foam:e started we were given the name by the Australian poet Michael Farrell who was thinking of the froth on top of a cup of coffee. It is a lovely name but possibly one that after such a long time belies the depth and breadth of this issue and all the accumulating back issues. foam:e still is aware of its virtual coffee-shop origins, the place for discussion, ideas and literature to forment.

This issue the breadth of coverage is given by including newcomers like Jonathan Hadwen with experienced practitioners such as Sheila E. Murphy; the depth by featuring a poet with a new collection, Michelle Dicinoski, here we give you poems, her biography, a review and an interview with the poet. Congratulations to Michelle whose work has been highly commended in the Anne Elder Award and who has recently been awarded a Marten Bequest Traveling Scholarship.

We welcome Simon Patton, a first time reviewer to foam:e and Jena Woodhouse, a foam:e regular; congratulate Vlanes, for Another Babylon making the short list in the Mary Gilmore Award. His collection is also reviewed in this issue.

All that is left to do on Issue 9 is for you the reader to explore and enjoy. The foam:e team meanwhile will be looking forward to the next issue which will mark a decade of this wonderful, exciting and worthwhile project. We plan to celebrate our 10th issue with something extra special to mark that milestone.


Angela Gardner and Louise Waller

Dydd Dewi Sant - March 2012