Poems - from “all different kinds of economics”

Economics 8

I could have mistaken him for a fast-paced atom
clinging to the notion that we all inhabit one space
at any given time.
Lone ranger style, compadres the next hill over
repurposed skin acts

I felt obliged to fill it in though I
could finally shudder
a few seconds a meeting


Economics 9

when in limbo, consider the trick value of a work's agency
then by degrees define yourself accordingly
that's what happens on busrides between two degrees zero
“how well did it detonate last time...” – as in –
“chances for survival” on this trip
tracks flooded, spring storm on the way home
flicker lost as the lights flash off


Economics 10

anticipate light on again
text and you shall receive
homo-erotic erection as distraction
during commuting delays, the coffee
costs too much on these trains
anyway –

jump off in motion, tumble
    my skirt

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