The meaning of it all

we don’t need a lot of things.
believe me –
all we want and dream is

no matter what you are craving
nothing can be changed-
possibility is limited

ugly mornings,
nightmarish sleep
everything is nothing
at all;

all your possessions should fit
in one bag
is this possible?

take a look around,
taste the truth,
feel the world
lick the destiny.

can you?
would you?

we are blind men,
searching for a candle
that was never lighted.

Buddha is


Not yet

Thinking about love or pain
when there is nothing else
to do with this tedious life,
imagining burning gladiolas
and freezing bears and the good
times going bad

If a had the power of 10 000 monkeys
then I could rewrite the whole Shakespeare;
and if not him, at least Byron,
and then to pull the strings to my heart

the wind shakes down trees like
convulsions causing the black birds to
leap up in the sky

everything is blatant
yet calm
everyone is strenuous
yet peaceful
everywhere is war
yet death

the cats are sleeping, the babies suck milk,
the leaders get crazier, the world seems
unreal, the grandparents prey for the claws
of the darkness

and even the extreme hydrocephaluses
get happier;
and the dark rain is falling down like
Christmas carol,
mama, mama, a voice is rising
as I use my butcher’s knife to
slice my bread and the gas to burn
my toasted love.

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