You Are Like the Sky

because you extend up from the ground
because you seem to be blue sometimes
but are actually truly transparent

you are like the sky because
you are larger than the sun
i can paint you with memories
and also because you feel just like the present

you are like the sky because
every day needs you
and because i have always wanted to touch you
where you are beyond all reaching

you are like the sky because
i like to stare at you longingly, at length
and because in winter, dark clouds hang in you
and stay there

you are like the sky because
you contain falling stars
you will never understand me
because you are my home

and because
you are everywhere
                  but here


Break Me A Give

every same the day:
heading up with a waking sore,
meaning who i am supposed to be.

the morning is as grave as the dark,
the air is as dead as the cold,
but it’s too now to go back late;
the crying are already children,
and messing up the clean again.
blood is more watery than thick.

i’m eyeing the time on a keep,
coming to the boil while the water waits,
and trying to be as possible as patient.
once more i’ll be loving to learn the neighbours,
washing the clothes and clothing the washed,
taking a get around the walk just to block out the house.

it’s said that need is where the home is,
so receive, and ye shall ask,
“can someone just break me a give?”

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