Leaning Gum Eulogy

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poem part 2



Only loneliness of desk the ellipsis of word
recounting memories the hand behind dealing out
each one, if only I’d limbs if only your tongue... trembling
what duckling wouldn’t and what grown man
hardening, wouldn’t run there that first one the only
peace a taste of sugar like... just rushing the endless
rushing and never a sense you can, always
the possibility of looking back to see... nothing

the worn mountains the Australian
breath, the loneliness of your descent
from weather from moon, wolverine mindscapes some
faint dingo dream, none of it yours just time

sweeping... scraps of laughter a bit of sex the rest
rented, the sun retreating I’d act out each moment
again if it would make... the split timber of gestures
meant but forever wherever forgotten.

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