Burwood haiku

Oh, there goes Skank-o
      – no shirt and a ponytail –
      Loving himself sick.


Hey, gubernator!
      we can’t just sit here all day
      while you spin that wheel!


An Indian mynah
        alights on a slowing train;
         Telemachus cries ‘Car!’


The Second Law

Vapour lifts midges off a field of grass
three small bats circle the streetlight above
four hundred and thirty-two thousand times
per day 

with every second squeak a cupful of fledglings
bounces in the nest, releases a fresh shower of mites
on the swarming ant hive below
ferrying foreign objects along one of four paths: 

disposal, immediate use
or the open/close, launch and retrieval
of the blue tongue at the end of the garden. 

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