Here are the seams. In this photograph
My blue eyes are red and how about

The fact we keep calling this the truth?
If I was in charge, I'd quit out of love

For you so it could stay exactly like this,
Worshipping accidental flaws onstage.

Acid and mitochondria inside a blur.
Do you believe I'm saying this? Or

Could? If I want to last I'll have to start
Getting used to the idea of your judgment

Being unerring when it comes to me.
I play it straight and then improvise

Around the obstacles. The dramaturgy
Is vague, but it was always vague.

I was never sure what was happening,
So cut me slack in my suit as I try

To entertain you with my humungous
Wisecracks. Get the picture? I sport

Rented gloves and will do anything
But retract. Apologize? This is my act.




Listen to the fact that no one is here
Breathing. Except for you, breathing.

Someone breathing means they care
More about something than themselves.

Although not breathing doesn't mean
That someone doesn't care. Sounds

Of breathing more resemble sounds
Of making things, the sounds of not

Having any choice in the matter of
Being made. Breathing as a function

Of wanting to be somewhere else.
Dissatisfaction. The sound of being

Satisfied but not necessarily relieved.
The sound of breathing some bad air.

Breathing as an act of protest. Listen
To sounds of breathing as if they were

Sounds of protest. Listen to sounds
Of breathing as if listening were the

Actual breathing. Breathing something
Other than air as if it were air. Listen

To sounds of listening as if listening
Were breathing something other than

Air. As if sounds of breathing did not
Betray someone listening. As if there

Were no voice behind the sounds of
Breathing. No one thinking about

Next breathing. Listen as if someone
Were not here breathing but speaking.

As if no one could hear that someone
Is breathing and so know that they are

Thinking. And also protesting against
Thinking. Sounds of someone holding

Their breath for as long as they can
And then releasing. Breathing no air

Except what is available for listening.
Listen to the sounds of a voice that is

First breathing and then not breathing.
Sounds of breathing as last breathing.

Listen to last breathing as if it were
What it is, which is thinking and then

Breathing. Listening as first breathing.

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