so my eyes swivel inwards

and I'm tented by the hanging roots

of Morton Bay figs         

fantastic candles drapery and cauls

of limestone caverns

clouds eerily lit like stormy




not you

I've lost sight of you

but your hands

do what sleep can't

release the knots of my bonds

tug at                   pull free

the endlessly flowing

figured scarves

of dream


WOMAN WITH A HEAD (after George Seferis)

She lifts from a pool

the beautiful sleeping head.

There is no unsightly severing.

It rocks on the marble hull

of itself in her hands.




that part of her

that turned to face in the mirror

so eagerly exchanged

for something real.


Is this what it is to fall in love?

A woman gains a head  

a head that too may fall

that can't be balanced on her neck.


Hope faintly colouring the cheeks.


She sees beneath the lids

the eyes are moist.

Behind the lips

the teeth and tongue are wet.

The head's oracular.

It promises.

She cannot put it down

but takes its growing weight

with straining arms.


Holding her eyes

the head declares its love.

It tells her who she is,

or almost is.

Croons adjectives,




Always before her

lighting up the way

the head replays

its unique repertoire.

Its patterns, flexible -

the same but not the same.

Entranced, she tries to memorise

its song.




Repeats the same mistakes.

It seems she cannot get

her head by heart.

Its melodies escape

and seem to taunt:


You can see


  but yourself!


Liar! she screams.

Her head dis-      



On the black wind

the lyre's last notes

are heard.




sunlit, basking,

tanned, black, white,

milky, sweet, rich, full, heavy,

sleepy, pillow, drift, calm, hill, island,

refuge, comfort, gifts, apples, peaches, mangoes,

ripe, sniff, scent, smell, smile, languid, oily, smooth, touch,

nuzzle, cup, lift, splash, drench, intoxicating, burning, icy, astringent,

cleanse, ache, want, give, push, thrust, nipple, harden, bitten, sore, salved,

released, relaxed, rise, fall, pool, ripple, merge, pleasure, part, cleavage,

strap, silky, shiny, clip, shape, wire, satin, lacy, bra, tease, hide, glimpse,

peek, glance, stare, shy, goose bumps, shrinking, tiny, pointed, swollen,

globular, stretched, aureole, hair-ringed, shuddering, mountain, valley,

cheek, sweat, slick, sniff, talc, tumble, loll, rock, slip, clasp, grasp,

hold, grip, cling, taste, lick, suck, engulf, swell, surf, dump,

withdraw, drape, cover, collar, starched, authoritarian,

prow, shelf, broach, ribbon, medal, uniform, different,

puckered, sandwiched, squeezed, sliced, lost,

scar, rage, empty, withered, flapping,

dugs, boobs, tits, robin,

red, breasts

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