in name.   in aver and consent.
lantern days

being prior, being parallel, being consequent
are accessory

are loft.   And lease
what is common, what is sound.



in name.   in whiles, a discipline.
a place in accidence.

dated.   in tackles.
in loss.   in miracle,

unequal days.
a jot or tittle.   or,

this is a name, and, this, an apparition
written, printed in a book.



origin and purpose
as past or to come, or, to engender

is going on, is going on

unsleeping.   seated
into hand.   independent of standing.

this is the sound a body makes,
at rest.



in expectancy, in nows and in permanence
when onlie wiles, the latter.



to liberty, by which persons, to liberty, were.
or property.

any loss in reputation.   the measure
so decided

the light of day.
a calendar.   a card.   a card or celebration.

titles.   averting.   the meal.   the carrousel.
the ward and faculty of days.



so fashioned.   in rivalry or attraction
ensemble days.

an interruption.   A new beginning.
this emotion is killing me.

and how, this is the sound
of an emotion that is killing me



the cat has a bird on her mind.
the cat has a bird on her mind.



in likeness.   in agreement.
cannot be said to move.   being vertical

horizontal into hand.   or cannot square
being vertical, and horizontal into hand

and there is nobody else for me
there is nobody else for me

but you, my love
and I believe in everything

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