Love is not an Element

excruciating as a high school orchestra
or butterflies talking eternity
only a mathematician can disregard

only breathe

        love         cultured in a
transparent medium -         
                a tinhorn
relative to the interaction
that releases it                
                - still out-gleams
gold                 to a starving heart

when there's a measure
it's not enough to make do




the airy necklace
                of eddies
        gravity unstrung



like a feather
navigate light        
with touch

Aoraki's tip flies a snow cloud

through a bolt of sun




an easterly enters the valley
the stillness begins to pulse

neck feathers ripple
but we stay low

is this usual?
cicada static across
the predawn call of a morepork?

the longhaul flights loose
another four hundred
into the stonefields

and it hasn't rained since
the day we found the peradams

                those jewels
                recovered only at dawn or dusk
                moments of clarity
faceted doorways to dimensions
                where light stands still

                these jewels
                attractive only to an eye

last night
three shallow earthquakes
disturbed the animals

continents scrambled toward high ground

whales weighing less than cattle
polar bears roaming the grasslands
                humans rooted like forests
                in concrete                  sway
                in the solar wind

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