All The Clothing in The World has Been Drained of Life

Was there a sale on at ethel austin while I slept?
Cream-tan and gray flood the view.
Made an appointment with a high-street optometrist,
smelt the magazines waiting to be seen.
The diagnosis is visual depression
so, he prescribes me rose-tinted glasses.
For a second I thought he was going to
put me on a course of leeches.
I hardly wear them,
the perspective is unreal.
besides, I'm consoled by the
dog and the polar bear.



For Richard Henry McFarlane

"Friends grew tired of my confusion. One day they sent
me for a loaf and bolted the door behind me. When i got
back I found a note that read, 'leave the bread on the
step stop, keep the change stop'. I used the pourboire to
call the OED who assured me the definition of a friend
was, 'a person known well to another and regarded with
liking, affection, and loyalty'. And verily did St. Honoré delight
at the wholegrain stuffed through the letterbox."

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