FROM 100 Days

23. [Iammutherfuckingantelope.]
Two Three Grasses Mice Went Thru; Elevation Unknown, Stirrup Pants, Summer
moon mars neptune stickers. All layed you upon the floor. On the bitch

There were sleeves of green carpet. Fresh shelves, hot dogs, and I will
call the mice
Leonard. Little files in my stove. Files cried. They made snowflakes
w/ cereal and with my own hair. Bunting on. Fissure. Flack so loosely
netted & then hiked up
give me back my cell phone Leonard. Using all of us to use it now
Look! at the mossy summer sky.
Say Abate.
It is the breeze that gets back here.
and Smoke so sweet.
and cold cream.

One mouse hoists a button.
Two tow, wringing   hands, three shoes.
Three mother shoes
Twelve and two, Nine, seven, river road
is this knife at night.
It is held whereever, animal's holding it says 'this train is, this train
is" whiskers wet
in the early doe on Winter. I feel
is this river getting sung on, singing it can get where
and how river it gets where dogs are
and the pantry is and fish pause.

* 61.

No pigs.
No litter letters nor whails
no sign for my llama, my llama or me
sticking a tongue in your fur for what
signed for propped up on the fencelight.
No haystacks or barking abroad.
You know.

Lawerence with his finger
sandwiches says pst pst we are going
and now we are shod and broken and paid for.

We ride in coaches and pay, pop pop pop.
Who knew winter.

This is still a story and we get married:
coyote-thing scrim in the afterimage
cutting your hair bullcut at last.

Anna plants ones
and puts collars around them and now
our wet skin is ready.

Lichen fly down pink and orange mountains
smoking this edge out of my jaw, pulling out
a shadow, *a real owl? *this walk away lab-
rador, retriever, jack

68 names

For how animal
is eating a fig, on wheels or rails,
acorns, how delicate etc. and continue

adriatic, my unyeilding boots, you towing,
nevermind, then rolling stop,

as ashes as you are you are the plural
of bluegrass
in bells
these patches of felt since when alelluah ah--

and anna lay herself down beside me, laying inhaler grace I'm thinking
the closets inside of my house
now have hatboxes, Avon, and
  this could lead

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