The American Flag


Pillaged of my lucid thoughts and

Dragged to the ends of the green carpet

The school's doors won't open for me

And I'm cold


I lower the American flag

Gently and neatly folding it to my chest

Hunchbacked to secure it from the rain

Hidden from the tempestuous, self-isolated youths

I find a desolate corner


The flag will protect me

Gently and neatly unfolding it from my chest

I hope it serves me well

As I have done for it


Now I'm wrapped up in the American flag

And I'm still cold.



The Experience


Falling into canyons can devastate

Like drops of rain on red soil

But for a few moments I can travel

Between sheets of air with my arms

Outstretched - a wingspan to embrace

The wind as my heart flutters from the high

I'll never hold again

I'm falling fast and I wonder how

I can keep this experience

Of never wanting to hit bottom less


There are no reasons in our logic

And while I've hunted with nothing

But my heart I know I still have a chance

To enjoy this, enjoy this and the air below

Me will thicken

The clock's hands pierced my shoulders

But not my legs

I can still move forward at the same time


My pace is slowed

But not my will

I'll get there

I'll get there soon enough

It's inevitable

Let me have this.

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