1. A Leaf In The Memory

It's going to rain
With a few thunders
The night constellations
Seem of your mien
It's getting darker and darker
I fear that I will suddenly
Who you are
So I fold
The leaf of you
And leave a red red mark



2. God Is A Rabbit

Walking by the graveyard at an evening
The gentle sunlight
Shone on
The tombstones overspread with tree rattans
With the continuous sunlight
The epitaphs
In the mournful air were slowly
Sublimated, becoming so
Unlike themselves
The leisurely
God felt regret
It seemed that only he alone
Was just entitled to experience
The lastingness yet with
The grief for everyday death
Did God cry?
Cried his eyes red
Like a rabbit



3. The ATONGMU Watch

A watch void of a second hand
Is moving silently
The sky out of the window
Is getting a little bit yellow
With the street lamps
I love this feeling
Beautifully lying on the bed         
With eyes closed
The passage of
Time by minute and second

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