Three Short Love Poems
(For Ange)


before i let you touch me, my heart
           was a black knot

then you took me to the place where time goes

            now we each blow out one candle
not long before dawn

the fire is finally dead
                          but the ashes are still glowing

                                  and my eyes have not lied to my soul
and my soul has not lied to my heart



in what other world did your eyes haunt me?
in what oceans and fields did we play together?
which horizons felt our searching,
and from what dark skies did we satisfy our thirst?

it seems an answer is pouring from each glance,
and if we look fearlessly and long enough
some truthful vision will reveal itself.

here, i know this much, though -
your eyes are my home.



everything has caught fire
                  my love is afloat on itself

i don't need to travel
                                your body is a continent

it's only the cyclic mating-call of the rhapsodist
             but i can never speak my love short enough



Lost At Home

out in the night in the underground tunnels,
then in basements writhing with the worms,
our toxins spreading through the sewers soon enough.

brother, we're rootless, eyeballs trained
to gaze beyond horizons,
thirsting for the vastness of empires
that always arrive too green and too slow.

scions of radicals, resisting even water,
tapping into lights, barely breathing air,
surfing through each figure as if love was elsewhere.

sister, the secrets of our veins will betray us,
humming softly to ourselves, or marking art in time,
as if waiting for gifts to fall
from the upturned bowl of the sky.

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