This sentence is a place holder until I can think of something to say.   The book
was "a passionate defense of contingency, resistance, and multiplicity" but I felt
wishy-washy about the whole thing.   Usually it's hard to tell if the exclamation
"Those are some pointy shoes!" is a compliment.   The red shine beneath the eyelids
is a combination of your own blood and sunlight saturating skin.   Thousands of
years of philosophy, and to be one with the universe I close my eyes.  


  Chaste Tree

    I think the music of heaven is actually white noise, excellent for thinking and
acting, but there will be nothing left to solve, no need to do anything.   The last
photograph I'd like to see on my deathbed is one of my ninth birthday party,
crew-cut kids around a cake on a picnic table.   Everyone is happy.   I can't pick
out which kid is me.   The difference between inside my house and outside is that
outside the fungus is too beautiful to sit on.


  Wax Myrtle  

  Even if it's my intestines absorbing spinach while I sleep, both my body and the
spinach are changing physically, moving.   If communion were sweet tea, Catholicism
would be over-run be converts named Kenny.   I told Willi there was no point
climbing Mont Blanc if he was going to wear a tie.   She didn't see any difference
between "yeah" and "yea."


  White Mulberry  

  If someone laughs when you say that empty rooms give off their own tones, do you
really need to speak to that person again?   Guy Davenport said that if you ignore
a problem long enough, it will go away.   It's a Rorschach test whether you think
this applies to the person or to the silence of the room.  



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