The white bag     

she was outside Safeway

listening on the FM band

when she saw it ball-

ooning along

like the baby

in The World According to Garp

like a dot on a karaoke screen

the white bag

floated in time

to Somethingggggg

in the wayyy

she mooooves

above the plastic-coated land

until she could no longer see

that point of light

in the indigo plain

later near K Mart

she saw it again

jitterbugging above

to the end of the line

is a mighty fine line, it's the end

of the line, the end of the line




At the moment

when she burst over the overpass

flying in the sky like the Jetsons


a Jeffrey Smart train

struck out of the underpass

stretching towards the You Yangs


like an oversized toy

heading past pale grasslands

to the twin peaks of blurry mountains


containers of rust/blue/white

holding on hands

following the leader


not looking back

as she ate up the highway

playing her part in the jigsaw


she wanted to call the train back

from its diagonal, but she knew

it had to follow the green light                  

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