Mixed media

He said
            Longtime no see

She interpreted
            I've missed you

He meant
            Longtime no see

She imagined
            a spring wedding


Dancing in the dark

No, because
it might be too liberating
it might mean tripping or
making a mistake

You won't
attempt the unknown if there's
a possibility of slipping

You only
deal in certainties
one foot after the other
in daylight


twenty years of longing

she leans back
his arms curl around holding
her against him, she releases twenty years of
longing to the wind and grabs from it a new breath

his face nuzzles
into her hair, fingertips
surfing over the waves of connection
she turns moulding her face into his

bare feet sinking
into the wet sand, tangled
talkative toes expressing love as
they breathe into each others bloodstream

curtained by windblown
hair their mouths merge, eyes
blinded as their tongues braille each
others senses, finding their way home

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