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A very big welcome to this fifth edition of foam:e.

It has been a pleasure for me, connecting with the many poems submitted and selected for this issue. I think it would be a dour soul indeed, that could not find something truly remarkable and satisfying in the diversity and breadth of vision of the poets' whose work is collected here.

My association with foam:e as reader, contributor, poetry reviews editor and for this issue, as guest editor, is an interesting, exciting and challenging experience.   I love the way that web publishing opens possibilities for poetry collections. In this edition of foam:e you will find many local voices including Pam Brown, Matt Hetherington, Sue Stanford, Paul Hardacre, Brett Dionysius, Karen Knight, Lea Hills, and Nathan Shepherdson. There are also many international voices, including Liu Jue, Elizabeth Smither, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Papa Osmubal, David McLean, Louis Armand, Dawn Pendergast; some emerging and others well-known.

Angela Gardner's prizewinning first collection, Parts of Speech is reviewed by foam:e along with reviews of three other poetry collections. Angela's collection is also reviewed by Pam Brown in Jacket. A big welcome and introduction to Jena Woodhouse and Kristin Hannaford reviewing work for foam:e in this issue, although, you will remember seeing their work in previous collections. I'd also like to commend a new translation from the modern Greek of the work of Yannis Ritsos's Vigilance by Jena Woodhouse, which as far as we know is the first translation of this poem into English. The foam:e Interview, which has become an ongoing feature in foam:e finds a refreshingly honest and interesting Anita Heiss under the spotlight. Unfortunately foam:e received more books than it is possible to review this issue, but I would like to suggest David Prater's We Will Disappear published by soi 3 modern poets, and Sue Stanford's Opal, published by Flat Chat Press are well worth a read.

Some good news for Australian poets - UQP's annual poetry selection/publication, The Best Australian Poetry will now source work from 'Australian-based, online poetry magazines that have steadily grown in profile... including ... foam:e .' This means that the work of Australian poets' published in the 2007 Issue 4 of foam:e will be considered for this year's collection.   Issue 5 for the 2009 collection and so on.   A win/win for poetry all around. Please note, our submission guidelines have changed. Please read our submissions page before sending any poems for the next issue.

foam:e originally grew out of a discussion group poetryespresso which became poneme - if you would like to join the poneme blog at then email to be added to the list of contributing authors.

Chris Mansell's PressPress has a chapbook award up and running. Graham Nunn's and David Stavanger's Small Change Press have announced their 2008 author's list. And some exciting developments soon at light-trap press.

I'd really like to thank the founding editor of foam:e Angela Gardner for the opportunity to edit this issue and a huge thank you to the web manager Susie Gardner-Brown. It feels like a good year for poetry and I invite you all to enjoy this issue of foam:e. As usual, the poems speak for themselves.

Louise Waller
Dydd Dewi Sant March 2008