Nathan Shepherdson

Born in Brisbane Australia, Nathan Shepherdson now lives at the Glass House Mountains.  He was the winner of the Josephine Ulrick Poetry Prize in 2004 and 2006. In 2005 he received the Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Award for an unpublished manuscript. As a consequence of that award, his first book, Sweeping the Light Back into the Mirror was recently published by the University of Queensland Press. The book was written in response to  his mother's death. At the 2006 Queensland Poetry Festival he was the recipient of the Val Vallis Award. In November last year he was also awarded the 2006 Newcastle Poetry Prize.

Shepherdson works part-time in the Queensland Public Service. He is the son of the painter Gordon Shepherdson, and has inherited an intense interest in art. In addition to poetry, he has also written on the visual arts.

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