Chris Bell

Chris Bell was born in Wales. Shrugging off this early setback, he moved to Germany via London in a futile search for rock stardom, before arriving in New Zealand where, having gone as far as he could, he works as a writer. In January 2006 his poem about Richard Brautigan, 'The Graves Have Turned to Powdered Wind', won the Writers Choice Award at the Edit Red writers' community:, formerly Spoiled Ink. In October 2006, his poem 'Style' was published in Snorkel #4. In 1976 he was the youngest poet ever to be published in Norman Hidden's Workshop New Poetry (UK). His writing has since appeared in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror (US); Not One of Us (US); The Third Alternative (UK); and The Heidelberg Review (Germany). His first novel, Liquidambar, inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper, won the PABD and UKA Press's 'Search For A Great Read' competition.

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