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Renga -
  Andrew Burke,
  Jen Crawford,
  Louise Waller,
  Lawrence Upton,
  Kristin Hannaford,
  Jennifer Compton,
  Heather Matthew,
  Jill Jones
  Alison Croggon

The granaries

  Didn't bother
  telling me that
  the Lakes were
  covered with
  ice. Assumed
  I'd know from
  the snow on
  the road outside.
  That's the problem
  with relationships
  where everything is
  second-guessed or
  where one partner
  ends the sentences
  of the other. Too
  much expected to
  have been seen;
  or thought-about
  is taken to be
  talked-about. Come
  winter & the
  granaries are empty.


  Comparative notes

  Crazy parties at night
  in the gardens of
  the Summer Palace. Morning
  comes, & the crows come
  to pick over the remains.
  We go for a walk,
  compare notes
  on the paintings inside. The
  Fragonards. The Watteaus.
  Reminisce about that
  string quartet we heard
  playing in the small salon
  off the Rue des Brigands
  a few evenings ago. There
  your heels clicked against
  the cobblestones. Here on
  the lawn they are silent;
  but the crows
  pecking at the plates
  replicate the noise as
  I remember it. Robbers
  Street. What did I
  steal from you? What you
  from me? No demanding
  notes, though we
  paid the ransoms anyway.


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