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  Jen Crawford,
  Louise Waller,
  Lawrence Upton,
  Kristin Hannaford,
  Jennifer Compton,
  Heather Matthew,
  Jill Jones
  Alison Croggon

from 'Meeting on Water'

  a fine geography

  nature gathers momentum with seismic shift
  land edges between land    space side-steps itself
  the continental shelf floats    the body directionless
  willful and wanting    content to drift or deftly avoid
  impact    as each slip and pot-hole slides    discovery
  through the desert or the city    and nature recovers
  a forward ambition    what this    zig and zag
  is heading towards     tracing footprints washed away
  or stones dislodged from a mountain precipice    only
  geography reads this life quirky    the contours of place

  of this table even    a scene for theatrical openings
  or failed directions    while the body waits for change
  inscribes sun on the skin    holding onto    these
  new territories    always here before or up ahead

  at the table    plunge the finger
  dip and savor on graceless thighs
  this excess
  ideas rise or fall
  with forgetfulness as loose as the skin    and
  it's a shame that beauty comes along so early
  if it's beauty that is somehow meant to save
  in the shower    think camouflage
  the un-glossed litmus    (could be)
  a voice of hope discarded
  hair in the floor outlet
  or any lost fetish
  worth leans hard on the present tense
  mimes with lips not full or pouted
  just ordinary lips

  turning the wheels
  can it matter the butterfly or trouble the hen?
  the horse in the stable is bolted or fed    and hey
  this winter skin still wiggles
  turning the wheels into action
  or ineffective    'that could have been'
  save for the boredom and taking positions
  garbage is emptied or not
  'how hard is it really?'
  to clean shit off    just
  a flush and conscientious
  or posed on the sofa

  crossing borders with ideas
  the whole of life    a series of maneuvers
  as each entry or retreat is led along
  by birth and blood and survival
  positions are    or otherwise are given over
  un-posing on the sofa
  sleep and revelations curve
  the mouth open    in this brittle dark
  the moon leans on the tongue
  its worth    as lasting as any other


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