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Renga -
  Andrew Burke,
  Jen Crawford,
  Louise Waller,
  Lawrence Upton,
  Kristin Hannaford,
  Jennifer Compton,
  Heather Matthew,
  Jill Jones
  Alison Croggon

I said Do you want tea
She said Yes please
I said Do you want a cold sandwich

She said Yes please
She said You can save money by cutting the bread thinner
She said I wore the dress with the blue boa
She said I could be attracted to him
She said I don't understand

I said Don't say anything about it
I said I wouldn't say anything about it
I said Don't tell tales
I said She knows the situation
I said You never know what people will say

You said It's Mickey Mouse gone wrong
I said It's deep-rooted... the thing is what would happen...?
She said She said deep down she loved him

(probably late 1992)


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