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The final step was to transcend homelessness by missing all in equal measure. Now to arrive on a private satellite moon. Symmetry in the trees, the strangeness of white culture. Big boxes to bury as night falls. Annoying ellipses implying depth of character or field.   Learn to gush like the mighty river. Overflow. An appliance for every whim and the central pillar, freedom: a ticket for the carousel. Every horror film begins with a calm surface. Black teenagers staff the gourmet supermarket.

Rochester, New York

A muddy field, heavy boots and the breathtaking quality of air. Light curls upwards. Silently, art blows out the storm windows. I clean the kitchen early this a.m. Habit unspools into endlessness. Such happiness, to notice tiny things, like paw prints in the mud. America the terror of your pure heart sings the core of the world as you destroy it. Here, the earth ponders the coming winter while sunlight lifts its burden from our shoulders.


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