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Renga -
  Andrew Burke,
  Jen Crawford,
  Louise Waller,
  Lawrence Upton,
  Kristin Hannaford,
  Jennifer Compton,
  Heather Matthew,
  Jill Jones
  Alison Croggon


a spit
in the river's mouth,
an island

the city is shrine
to borrowed landscape
of mountains sunk, shallows

the world in miniature is what concerns this

weed gathers to the raft of dreams
then day takes down
what light was leant

the wall shrine and the street shrine fade

through a doorway
deep in that dark
where night begins
the red electric flame
is lit

pale beyond accounting
spirits guide steps
roads drift
ghost thick
in the mist's flimsy fists  


Holy Thursday, Rua da Porta

You tell me who isn't a whore in this town

Who hasn't plucked some hair for the punters?
Poured themselves into straitened pants?

Who hasn't cashed a few chips at the bottom
still hoping for a higher bid
rattled the hips once or twice to entice?

The place is given to deals half struck
The street too narrow for its horns

I myself have a costume for streetcorners
The subtle overt is my style

mustn't let on the swagger's all front

I'm the kind of cop
whose pencil grows blunt
with the weight of their stares


Taipa: Aubade

a candle
then a bird for light

kettle up against my sun

the bright soaks us
from other days
as if the night were cracked
mere habit of haunting eyes

thoughtless clouds stick unintending
boats crossing too in their first clothes
pale water holding up the dawn

a bridge
the Bank of China
   casts a glittering stripe
to bend the silver of my river
to take the wheel's long bow


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