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The Mouth Considered As Two Other Ghosts

in the first place
to find your
good shoes
in the limelight
handshakes can't
get more wrong
green as the sun
set dead to rights
(lunar cheese solar
as myths pretty
as you please) are
adjudged as being
pretty peachy,
pretty plum,
pretty cherry
courtesy cannot
leave the circle, as
set down in grimoires,
so those outside this
poem can only demand,
not beseech, a book
containing the classic
Fitz-James O'Brien story
"Where Are Your Shoes?"
in either tone, your business
Virginia, of arranging facts
meets with a
             dumb thankfulness
hearts gone smoothfaced
with handsprings, while
"The Mouth Considered
As Two Other Ghosts"
obtains, Virginia, far more
satisfactory results


Crowd Scene

those hanged swung hand in hand
gone suddenly mechanical as
oratory grappled at their toes
not bounced up into collapse
wait stretch it break sight no NO
the hypnotized tucked almost out of sight
breath dropped beneath them yes
the mechanical gone where the silk is
where hands are dispatched into tresses


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