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Occipital Memoria

I had a brush, dented silver plate, missing bristles.
It had a click in it, a loose, inner layer, a missing
bit. Timed with hitting the scalp. It had belonged
to my father: part of his former life.
A treasure. Clicking, splitting hairs. On

the other hand my grandmother would not.
She had been notorious for her 19" waist. But
how could that be? Who was adamant
I should brush 'til a hundred. When really it
was a different notoriety, wife leaves husband at 83,
and goes off to be an(other) old man's housemaid. Whilst polishing,
perhaps sweeping or otherwise keeping, my grandfather
died. And she came back to our house,

widowed, to lie on the couch and cry.
Her husband, at 16, employed as a boot polisher for the Army,
had killed a Zulu in the Boer War. Or so it was told.
Her gypsy looks had wooed him.
I see those eyes in my daughter,
who uses ceramic straighteners and a product called GHD.
Who seems to have had head lice for at least 7 of her 13 years.
We have something called a Robocomb which zaps the little buggers
with a sudden stopping of its mini-scream high pitched tone.

Last night I dreamt I was dancing, atoned, amidst
firefly shrouds which flitted my arms
and zithered electric grace around my flesh.
I went to a yard sale and bought my girl 3 LP s
which she calls vinyl. Fleetwood Mac's Rumours.
Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits. Michael Jackson's Thriller.
A Dolce & Gabana houndstooth check skirt and for me, old-books -
Bertrand Russell's A History of Western Philosophy
and Gray's Anatomy. I learn:

"The Short External Ligament is an accessory
bundle of fibres, placed behind and parallel
with the preceding; attached above, to the
lower part of the outer condyle of the femur: below,
to the summit of the styloid process of the fibula.
This ligament is intimately connected with the
capsular ligament, and has, passing beneath
it, the tendon of the Popliteus muscle."

And this perhaps is responsible
for my damaged knee. It clicks.

After she was born, I had septicaemia for 2 weeks
and should not have lived. I lost my waist.
One day she will weep and die, prostrate
over some loss. Beautiful enough now to break hearts.
This family of three who busies itself
with her Asperger's/ADD brother and tries not
to cross the literal/metaphor divide.

I hope the bargains are a hit.
There are dawn linings. Clouds' wake.
Kids mither me. Who shelter secrets and reign
silver. I dare slipstream ancestries.
Cosset a precious, dented lineage. We sur-
vive. I snatch scattered moments. Scrimp.
Limp and         catch breath.
I too have had my brush
with death.


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