black & white beach scene
The Other Shore - Photo credit: Paula Quintela


Welcome to another edition (the dozenth!) of foam:e. Yes we know it isn’t really a word but we are excited.

We’ve had an interesting time putting this issue together including contemplating how to approach the upside-down-ness of an ‘Eliot’ villanelle from Dan Disney. The conundrum was how it would read on tablets that would try and flip the page around unless the rotation was locked – luckily the author gave permission for a right-ways version to be published after he assured us that doing so wouldn’t ‘miss the point'.

We’re also excited to have a beautiful black and white beach shot this time from artist Paula Quintela and a photograph on the submissions page from Catherine Baskerville. Our interview this time around is with renowned poet and editor Pam Brown who took some time out from a holiday in New Zealand - and reading some new poems for video for nzepc - to answer some questions.

This year we received a bumper crop of poetry books to review and you will find many more reviews than usual in this issue. As always it is difficult to cover all the poetry collections published and the books we didn’t manage to review include Fixing the Broken Nightingale, Richard James Allen, flying island books; The Unspeak Poems and other verses, Tim Thorne, Walleah Press; The Language of Water, Anne Collins, Walleah Press; Selected Poems, Jeremy Gadd, Arcadia (Australian Scholarly Publishing); An Existential Grammar, Paul Scully, Walleah Press; Internal Weather, Lucy Williams, Walleah Press; One Hour Seeds Another, Andrew Burke, Walleah Press; Ports of Call, John Hale, Walleah Press; The Nonchalent Garden, Liz McQuilkin, Walleah Press; Standard Variation, Paul Mitchell, Walleah Press; Married to this ground, Nicola Bowery, Walleah Press; Blood Plums, Lorraine McGuigan, Walleah Press; Salt and Bone, Zenobia Frost, Walleah Press; Curio, Kristin Hannaford, Walleah Press. Phew! No wonder we didn’t get to all of them but huge thanks to the publishers for sending them.

All that is left to do on Issue12 is for you the reader to explore and enjoy.

Angela Gardner and Jonathan Hadwen
Dydd Dewi Sant - March 2015