Ken Bolton

Morose, counter-intuitive, something of a zaney, Ken Bolton cuts a moodily romantic figure within the dun Australian literary landscape, his name inevitably conjuring perhaps that best known image of him, bow-tie askew, grinning cheerfully, at the wheel of his 1955 Jaguar D-type, El Cid. It is this image that also carries in its train the stories of later suffering—the affairs, the court appearances, the bad teeth—and, speaking of teeth, the beautiful poems wrenched from the teeth of despair & written on the wrist of happiness “where happiness happens to like its poems written best” (in his inordinate phrase).

An excerpt from Variations Around A Poem For Louise appeared as catalogue essay to accompany an art exhibition—OUTSIDES by Louise Haselton.  Catalogue sheet from Australian Experimental Art Foundation in October 2014.

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