Iguazu Falls, Brazil
photo credit Jonathan Hadwen


Welcome to the eleventh edition of foam:e. It’s a Bumper issue, packed with poems, reviews and interviews.

There are a number of cross-overs between the visual arts and poetry and foam:e 11 responds to and celebrates this with letterpress poems from visual artists Ellie Windred and Caren Florance, typewriter poems from artist Priscilla Beck, together with photos from poet Gavin Keeney, concrete poems from Daniel Lehan, and typographically-innovative work from Dan Disney. Those interested in the poetic visual should also check out the forthcoming Australian Poetry Journal issue 3.2 for further examples.

We also managed to snag an interview with outgoing Arts Queensland Poet in Residence Shane Rhodes, and grab a few poems off him before he made his way back to Canada. In this issue we have not one but two interviews, the other is Dan Disney, and you’ll find we’ve given both interviewees extended real-estate to also showcase their poems.

Gary Beck has written to let us know that a poem contributed to foam:e Issue 5 is included in his recently published  poetry collection, Assault on Nature, from Winter Goose Publishing. We really appreciate when contributors let us know of poems, first published in foam:e, that are subsequently published in collections.

Around the world poets are also doing interesting things with publication. In this issue we publish a poem by S.S. Prasad, poet and engineer, who uses nanolithography to print his binary language poems that are invisible to the naked eye, onto preexisting industrial prototypes. There's now a collection of audio files associated with the 2012 Australian Poetry feature in Jacket2 magazine up at Penn Sound, thanks to Michael Hennessey, at http://writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/ and Michael Farrell has a new chapbook 'same! same! same! same!' available for free download at http://suspress.tumblr.com/.

Louise Waller who has for many years worked as a co-editor and reviews editor for foam:e and edited issues 5 and 7 is moving on to explore other options and we say a big thank you to her for all her work. The good news is that she intends to remain involved and for this issue has contributed a review of Luke Beesley’s new collection from Giramondo New Works on Paper.  Jonathan Hadwen has stepped up as co-editor and we also welcome Robbie Coburn a first time reviewer to foam:e.

As always, there are many poetry collections sent in by Australian publishers that we don’t get time to review, all books that are well worth a look, including The Moor, by John Mateer, published by Giramondo; The World Last Night, by MTC Cronin published by UQP; and Weranga, by B. R. Dionysius, published by Walleah Press.

All that is left to do on Issue11 is for you the reader to explore and enjoy.


Angela Gardner and Jonathan Hadwen
Dydd Dewi Sant - March 2014