SS Prasad

SS Prasad is engineer and poet based in Bangalore, India. His poems have appeared in qwerty; Time Out, Bengaluru; Pense Aqui; Otoliths; Rampike; Offerta Speciale; Slova; The American Scholar; Komma; New Quest; Semicerchio; The Journal of Indian Writing in English; Orbis; The Journal; Fulcrum; Multiple City: Writings on Bangalore; Poetry with Prakriti, all on earth, as well as outside probably in Chandrayaan (Moon), Mangalyaan (Mars),and forthcoming in Budhyaan (Mercury), Guruyaan (Jupiter).

He is currently completing the following manuscripts of poetry: 0 Poems, Kaleidopoems, Beyond Poems, Sunday Morning [(Math) Poems], Talking Circuits (Poems), Wedding Album (Poems) and Tamil Poems. He writes under the pen-names, nanopoet, binpoet, minpoet, kaleidopoet, tamilpoet, vikatakavi, Mr.India, and simply, poet. 100 Poems (STD Publications) is his first book.

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