if music be the food of love, what is poetry but food of the muse

1. food as poem

food activist       food additives       food angst       food and wine festivals      
food bank       food basket       food blogs       food calories, chemicals and counters
food diary       foodies       food expo       food fads, rip-offs and flops       food
finicks       food groups       food jobs       food jokes       food kids love       food
labelling       food lies       food miles       food myths       food news       food not to
eat when pregnant       food of the gods       food scandals       food trends food
you can eat       food you can freeze       food you can take to Fiji       food that
starts with u       food that ends with u       food zombies

2. poem as food

a-list food       memory food       miracle food       frozen food       space food
b-list food       fast food       frankenfood       tainted food       out of date,
old-fashioned food       prohibited food       macfood       sad food       skinny food
cruel food       fine food       fusion food       slow food       Vitamin B food
aphrodisiac foods for men       for women       diet food       spicy food       hot food
rude food       mood food       muse food

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