For a Gentle Revolution

This comes from government's two types,
Hearing-news and heavy-law.

Because of a vibration, an eminent sensation,
Claims must demonstrate proportion
And must relatively tickle to negotiate in nerves.

Notice, the government serves property.

Sensations involve possible action,
Not faith transmitting good value.



in dark.
dark, rig.
rig the hook.
the leaves, so
leaves so narrow
narrow, spiny-
toothed, small
small species,
retrieved, recognized
seen like this underside
gutted before baiting
stripping popper?
no role for the tree daisy
no groundwork here
only angling.
narrow stream-work,
dark, rig
dark burdens.
piper hunt
so many leaves
if a piper haul
victors write history
soon after Penelope
Shelley stops spinning
no stripping popper
no yarn spinning
at the haul
reading the total
counting tribe beads
filleting, scales
then the pan fires
victors feasting in the balloon tent

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