Wedding Spielzimmer

grey crows perch at the fork of a branch

in a barren tree overlooking the hospital playground

mice gnaw squat hedges in the corner of the courtyard

under the unused slide.


Over the walls the medieval tower housing the high school for technical

is dark

in a night no colder than the day.


You are out there, somewhere

both of you,

strapped together, asleep on the u-bahn

or in a smoke-filled ante-room

fighting to hear what your mother just said.


Downstairs the lights are still on at world of sex

but like the peep theatres in San Francisco

no one gives a shit, we all got better things to do

like sleep, feed the homeless, watch PBS.


The swans on the pond have hidden their heads

the violinist is shivering and not making anything




And you could be checked out by now,

huddled under a backpack, lurching towards me

one station at a time.


It’s okay,

we’re all fine, the worst is over


and we give thanks to this playroom overlooking the park.



7 x 6 x 12 ÷ 21

  Brick steps
           in the wetness
           an afternoon



           Clover and bamboo

A boning knife in a

Sickly frogs
           under the long grass;

powdered wings
           of small black moths
in the evening air



    A mange-ridden fox
                       eats mice on the beach
    waves break




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