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Miss Teen Your Name Here

She's walking backward through the plate-glass door
Like an unmarked bill or a press-on tongue.
That blank sash sounds familiar, taut
In wind and calm.  Some blonding perp's
Quick-witted halo can't compete with her
Desire for cash and carry to
A row of empty chairs.

Inside the store there's no discount rack
Hanging where deciding ought to be.
It's not like Tennessee or Ocean
City when the scrim's a savior, cold
And peek-a-boo lovely in the feral light.
Call off the trainer and the prep-school-strut-
Talking carnies: she's on the verge of something
Real here, like a way to talk about
Herself in the third-person plural.

Mom's waiting out in the car with Brad
And the black lab puppy.  Tell us how to sort
The finalists from the forward, spilt
Like butter over the upturned eye.

Stanzas Beginning with Some Lines of Rumsfeld

People study things all the time that don't lead to things

and it is not pursuing
us down the back-
alley procedure-an
state of why

and it is not developing
horns, tumors, or other
old-growth failings
in the results drawn
from a scoured trailer

it is not building
white cities in the
civilized silt, ran-
sacked and hard
against blistered skin

it is not manufacturing
the closed-up case
of sugar water, its
fizzy lust
for the tongue

and it's not deploying
freedom across a
flooding plain, one
stop-dike finger,
one scrabbling hand

and it is not using
what it knows of us
for pleasure-only
caring what
can be made of it

Elephant & Castle [2]

Glass globes after harrowing, the whet
of ink on ink, the cut wrist:

light where hardly
needed, hairshirt

arsenal.  High grove eruption mannered
like sized bells.  Where Arnos

meets the finch-white coal, there
establish captaincy, as the burnt-oak

branches cast no shade.
Lambent bone

in the crossing.  Rubbed marbles
toward the bedded vale in stocking feet,

jeans and ringlets, unshepherded,
hornroad and millway cleared of traffic.


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