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automation charges the enlarged community
via homogeneity, an expanded expression
adjusting frontiers to our senses -
fragmented reproduction
interplay between elements and night movements
an equilibrium of irritation
by an adjustment of concepts

obsolescence of consciousness
systems of individuation
alienated from betrayal
to dissolve physical organisms
in all depictions
except instruction manuals

material pressures invite to artificial paradises
interplay between shock and transformation
an authentic imaginative acrobatics
a patterning of action
haggling into exhaustion
and disequilibrium

an optical contraption
a militaristic means of control
divide and condone

the need for an upsurge of hilarity
a piece of the reader
multiplies the reader
and its perceived imagery
in sequence
quick and implicit
the yoke from its intensities
knowing it
reversal of the world
as in photography
suspension of the world
as in photography
contracting energies
with exclusion claws

the spread of mechanical order
expressed as chaos
hot-milking of employees of vicarious powers
adjusting a simple adjustment
amplifying magic
city and body intervisible

we are attired as patios and strategies

the flexibility of intelligence
to look beyond life
to break out of this situation
as a hybrid of form and heat

no effect works
except as personal affect
the idea of creativity
is crucial to retinal impression
and general indifference
separation of work and ingenuity
the world of reaction and layout


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