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       Hard Rubbish

my mother's view
through louvre windows in the laundry

fear of my father
in from ploughing
eating his dinner off the fridge

shadowy light
of my parents' bedroom
their bulging wardrobe
high double bed

2 4 6 8 .....
somebody licking the plate
hot tea spoon on the back of the hand

chewy under the table
the places where we sat
bargained for, memorised

view of the dairy, clothes lines
dedication cards on the mantle piece
a copper reproduction of The Last Supper

kneeling on lino tiles for the rosary
prayer to the biscuit tin
amen to closed bedroom doors


sagging mattresses
cow shit on jeans
strewn across the floor

across the very idea these afternoons
could stretch forever

as if sitting on the front porch
I could tempt fate
listening to the boobiallas,

semi trailers on the highway
confronting the night


        Vickers Road

School kids kicking a stone for two miles
a shuffling in the grass,
tyre marks snaking away from a rail crossing.

The railway line humming in your ear
magpies on the swoop,
gravel parted by midday silences

as if this is all there is-
an unnerving stillness.

The neighbours' paddocks
growing more thistles than your own,
their worlds glimpsed between cypress trees -

cool shadowy places
where men drink in parked cars
on Monday afternoons

and cattle dogs pick over the bones of dead cows.
A woman's eyes
squinting at a dust cloud

closing in
too fast for a local-
a salesman, a stranger

hitting all the potholes
unaware of what a road can give.
A dutiful wave and back to her washing

the road echoing departure, departure
as she rushes between five clothes lines
and her children

hopping off the school bus
retracing their steps in gravel
kicking  stones all the way home.


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