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they were serious
about cleaning, the brand
names and how they performed
types of sponges, sprays, and soaps
THIS new product range uses only water
you can hang up the glove right near the shower
for ease of use, in fact even while you are showering
you can clean, no more toothbrushes for those black marks
around the tap rings, no more head in the toilet bowl inhaling
chemical aromas or scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees
NO we have revolutionised the way you clean LADIES I know cleaning
is the thing uppermost in your mind, especially for those with young children
THE DIRT yes and GERMS, its about enjoying cleaning because we understand
that we take PRIDE in our cleanliness, our kitchens and bathrooms REFLECT who
we are and how we see the world, will it be through CLEAN windows or through
the detritis of grubby finger marks, greasy smudges and clouded window panes
make sure your mark on the world is a clean mark, one which celebrates
shiny surfaces and gleaming glass, the smiles of your loved ones in
polished mirrors gazing at you in admiration of your household
skills the pride you will feel when you open the door to your
bathroom and see it glint and sparkle, when every kettle
saucepan and frypan in the kitchen is free of grease
and grime YES you will MARVEL at our little
coloured gloves they wipe away cleaning
depression all you need is water
anyone for a hot drink?

on paper

she unpacked his face
eyes, nose, ears, mouth
in random order to understand
its form, its breath

the charcoal draws a story
on his body outlines
the curves of muscle
an arc of smile

when he runs she cannot
capture his pace
on paper he is a blur

his heart beats off the page


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