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I am shut out of mine own heart
because my love is far from me,
nor in the wonders have I part
that fill its hidden empery ~ Christopher Brennan


Empery O empery flourish in the moonlight
stars across galaxy are great empery
tree shadow empery curtained for night
an open window lets in the world
where still things move
street moon beams
black and white at night inside
voice and voice whisper shout
bring peace, a stormy kind, day and night
a bird in the heart
a Mitsubishi song whistles its own tune
want one, want one, want one
and you do,
the chorus voices boom in the roof
just when the road starts
getting personal
there's an old street lamp
a wild moon night
and beams of ghost light
come flooding down
empery, all empery.

One Year Sentence

Dog tired deep into the morning
awake first thing after a restless night
when snatches of dreams where there were words
that might have been right for the sentence
there's no getting past it
the sentence that's been driving you mad for the last
year or so when you get up every morning
and go down to the basement study
switch on the computer
and see how the sentence is going
it'll be a great sentence
and will lead to somewhere
more interesting that's if the sentence
ever gets finished, it's at a new drafting stage
there was the time the computer crashed
and the file with the sentence disappeared
all day, all night re-writing the sentence
(sometimes sitting in the backyard at dusk jotting notes
or a trip to the coast where the ocean can give
something of its energy), the sentence returned
to be worked on then down to the basement study
cleaning up, making the work place
just right to get cracking on the sentence
the headache from worrying about the sentence
should help you concentrate on writing
once that one sentence is right the rest of
the book will almost write itself
and the opening sentence will illuminate
like a door opening in the morning;
there's no getting past it
never seems nearer to being finished
in the morning you get up after a restless night
wrestling with a verb
and go down to the basement study
switch on the computer
and see how the sentence is going
it'll be a great sentence when it's done
and will lead to somewhere
more interesting that is, if the sentence
ever gets finished, it's at another drafting stage
the trees will know what happens next
how later the day will grow more
solemn and serene.

Weekend Magazine  

The cars' hearts hummed in the plush garage
the remote controlled rollerdoor opened
on to the superb driveway
it was a time for separate weekends
in the Laser and the Cherokee and
hopefully it would turn out vaguely happily
like in that relatively obscure Audrey
Hepburn movie, 'Two for the Road', where she
and Albert Finney spent half their lives
driving around Europe in their own sports cars
always kind of fallen out of love and kind of not
driving away with strangers to take quick honeymoons.
There was a Tuscan villa waiting with Cupid
bathing in a fountain at the centre of a beautiful
circular driveway.  Ah conservatism's sweet
like living in gossamer.  This time next week Italy
coffee in a real Italian cafe.  Italian cars, Tuscan
driveways, the piazzas' grand intensity.

Falling Rain  

Clouds bring the news from where they've been
the rain birds feel and warble the rain song
and the rain song hung in the air like skywriting
the smell of rain and the cloud's soft taste
the serious duty to make rain welcome
at least to watch the drops fall onto a page
of a book about clouds and falling rain
see the trees are happy the first time in months
far thunder laughs (chariot) a few rain drops
lightning wind when the sky floods us
there's only the song of the rain and the lawn
is a green hymn to water falling from the sky.


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