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excerpts from the verse novel 'The Transparent Lung'
(Post Pressed, 2003).

Scene 2: 007

montage for
a bewildered wife


Through intersection  upon
upon intersection.    intersection.
red lights.       security cameras.
a small   yellow car
shifts automatically shifts
gears.   slots
glides      to its usual spot.

Unusual feet  step
through   9-5 doors.


the mouthpiece    stuck
in her palm.

His words were
inside her head.

It started at her feet..
      its way through
cartilage and bonelets

the kind of blue
     that changes
your name

Scene 4:005
montage for
a lost daughter

She knew it was coming.

Knew it
when she pulled a dull fake pine
from its storage box last year.
Its matted, plastic, coniferous arms
a mass of glitter and baubles
smeared with fingerprints
inked from poking into crepe
with fingers greasy from turkey fat
and wishbone snapping.

On the floor, the long ends
of poorly translated jokes
stuffed by bonbon factory machines -
discarded with paper hats
amongst the wreckage
of urgent laughter.

Her father's exhausted face
camouflaged in champagne glow
and strong ivory coloured teeth.

She loved the way
he refused to give up
the tradition of fighting
for his daughter's

Down a corridor her phone rings.

She didn't want to pick up the phone.

Holds onto the moment
where everything is

before the phone call.

The phone keeps ringing.

Was it a ghost
that plucked rings
from the feet
of two silent doves

that clamped open her eyes
and forced her to read

the script on those thin
poisonous strips of lead?


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