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hard-up on nothingness with my unloved notebooks
tokens, desert island discs, my biblio stigma

fallible, leafy, not-knowing, stretched
my seminal despair grinding my breath

diffusion into my colloquial bloodstream
my minstrel nerve twists in the yarn of the dice

bold and alone, my feverish sympathy
fits my flame to a dialect, foreshadowing pain

mossy, leisurely, invented on nothingness
scanning for balm, to be cured of limiting

glamour and ruin, anima and loathing
they are all chilly tongues

self-knotting baulks at this half-baked fervour
what is intrinsic is now annotation

redress is lethal
its traps are fertile, poised, a dangerous emerald

my alpha virgin glosses her nest of boxes
moonlight churches watch for ignited ardour

prodigious spices and drunk tapestries
reversing on the sacred measureless nothing



rivers past rails/rolled
delta to sea strophes
corded weeds and shadow

wave keening flower plumes
on domes in extremity
lithe sextants courting limits

down walls and ribbon rain
colour lights/crashed bruise
salt swale and kiss

you held the blows thunder
spilt gulf in the main
latitudes splinter harvest

rock is part/under
scattered by bells
rock gain    risen    come


Taunting forms

Why that taunting
of a form that limps
to the top of the hill

feathered and turning
on itself
while surroundings adhere

in spirit? Undulations
break on me
foam, a line of wings

shores still wanting
an edge, breathed

however it is
what corresponds.
Maybe stone

for the darkness
the mass, then flame
a choking star.


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