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science experiment

i've carved you a heart of foam from a buoy left as flotsam
lifted arms above head and spiraled underwater
rolled backwards into an endless spin
made a rubber ball of latex the size of chewing gum
held a Petrie dish and coughed my lungs right over it
waited for my breath to cloud and grow there
practiced whispering a hundred lines of solitude          slowly
ripped your letters into strips and dipped the ends in black tea
colour rises slowly              this blood up the donors tube
ground a hundred sea shells
then heated sand until I could blow glass bubbles out across the waters
spiked pins the length of stuffed panty hose
said your name
pressed bone patterns out of cardboard arranged them on the floor
wrote letters in lemon juice
counted the drops of milk in a glass of water
cartooned your face with a hundred expressions in the corner of a book
flicked it to catch the smile
tied slip knots all afternoon.


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