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to Helen

            walking back from your house

            walking on the moon

                - The Police

I was gonna SMS you something like

seriously you are beautiful

the taxi fulfilled its airport purpose

about a hundred metres down from the house

the music was terrible & so was that video

the ignorant of three dimensional drunken spectacle devoured

really, I haven't been on the lookout for a while

but when you laughed & a smile cracked both our

beanstalks of seeming assurance

there was a syrup between the fibrous snaps

a sugar cane break's shy point of impact that

a couple of turns on an apple stem confirms

in the seasoned farmer's happy hands.

So we privately glide into a fitting-room fire.



Did your parents select the pink & blue lino cuts on merit

or a premise known rarely to guys?

only survived by the old money wives

commentating every tessellated stride

the men together five steps ahead

& nearly at the naturally lit kitchen.

the entrance hall is today's straightforward croquet maze

tiny childish linos in flat make your way please frames.

smack your eye through an unchallenging arch/

the prime mover a mallet-head of equal size.

swinging between your legs

is a fulcrum of lies.

such rituals still sustain mysterious pinnacles -

the grin of the art dealer as the stupid door-bell

caught intentionally on the corner chimes

& browsing becomes infinitely more dignified/

the eventual credit card palmed away

like a relaxed baton as the gallery sighs.


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