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nice people speaking
other languages
at 6:00pm
and he hasn't showed yet
6:10pm and there he is
all fixed up
in a Scottish cap
that I can't resist
I'm still thoroughly confused
about who he is
we watch
two scary movies
in one night
I open this month's phone bill
it's half what it was last month
on Saturday
he was wearing a yellow
honeybee shirt
with a little zipper
at the auction
of Old West End homes
where we kissed
and kissed
I just wanted to turn
all the televisions off
and vie for one of my
neighbors' parking spaces


midnight at the torso
I hug a novel on a
beer-soaked bedspread
like a control freak

pierced eyes e-mail
little blurbs back and
forth on the mouth of
the lips of the teeth

two for the price of
one fisticuffs
a gabbing and a lunging
of the mist and the fog

jazz that is full of
a whole new sport
forced kisses on couches
I am the fire guy

I'm too excited
you can pin me down
and almost definitely
not rush this finish

adidas of the modern american cuisine
you need to catch a trip
back to this happy happy hashi

..of all the people i've actually the blue skies of

i'm sending you a text msg
at 1:07am

..yeah my addressbook is ok
..and i'll swear it online...& even
..remove my montgomery clift
..if i hafta...

           ? however the fuck do you
           remember all that dish anyway ?

in my stomachment
something on the cock of
i mean character of
your underwear's all in the presentation hun

..i feel so horrible i hit on you
it was just easy effective night-time
teeth white
near harvard square in the 90s

.. i wanna dishwasher in

so let's just fast-forward to the
organic restaurant
where i text msg u again @
whatever o'clock

           ..hi hun
           ..i'm not sayin
           ..yer not all faithful to my
           ..growed-up tummy & stuff
           ......but yer just not here


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