Who are the gum chewers

weighed down with their small metallic insignia

working over the primary paradox of eating,
the frequency of being together?

they believe in
1. experience 2. the total stream of life leading towards it 3. the floor

that Horses move across, now, parting the crowd,
towards the AUSZWEIG (trans. ‘branch of out’)

one loses his way  . . .  joins a different funeral parade

what’s not to be gained
from the play of similarity and difference, wave and counter-wave?

they will begin where their comrades failed: the problem of laughter. 


method napping pattern

the plane drops I start to babble
& to thai pop we're hatched
into creamy oxygen branch-snapping
the page I didn't photocopy
of a hare stamping backgrounds fuck
it was all on the usb another
errand stuffed up the library card carrying
traffic on the lock ashey enough until
your letter kissed its letterbox and a
feeling constructed from cereal packets
under gnome supervision expanded he said
gesturing over the hedge to where past
and future selves rehearsed their lines
then proceeded through a turnstile he was
right about it I checked online but
what a weird thing to say anyway
it was all cool he kept in touch with
a distant relative of mine typing
draughty SMSs all in caps
woolly enough to stare or be
stared at took your tinsel from its
hiding spot unshorn where the pattern
interpreted correctly gave directions
to a soft relic box and made
an easter bonnet out of it prospecting
shirtless on the common drunk on pints
for stale bread to make hulls from the
cassettes were rolling but billy
bragg never passed through his accent
would've marked him a hinge of
sunlight had you out after
scrabble spelling intricate sun words
a barbecue's hiss london so far  


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